Linda Gottwald | Family Nurse Practitioner

About Linda Gottwald

Dr. Linda Gottwald holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Rush University, a Master's degree in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University, and a Master's degree in Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism. She is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner registered with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. Her doctorate in nursing places Dr. Gottwald at the top of the nursing field. She received her journalism degree while teaching elementary special education classes in Alameda, California.

Dr. Linda Gottwald's extensive education and experience in both health and education lends credibility to her reporting. Dr. Gottwald's articles have appeared in the Oakland Tribune, USA Today, and San Francisco Chronicle, among others. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation awarded Dr. Gottwald its prestigious Fellowship for Health Reporting with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper. She also received the Albert Schweitzer Community Service Award for integrating dogs from the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society with institutionalized populations and has been recognized by the city of Marathon, Florida, for her work with abandoned animals.

As a health professional, Linda Gottwald has pursued various avenues of activity. She works as a health reporter, as an adjunct faculty member supervising community mental health rotations for nursing students, and as a Registered Nurse at Michigan's Munson Medical Center. In addition, Dr. Gottwald has lent her energy, journalistic expertise, and volunteer service to the cause of abandoned and abused animals. Dr. Gottwald holds a long-standing membership in the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and in the U.S. Humane Society. She also serves as Executive Director for the Pine Cone Farm animal shelter.